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A Different Color Shirt To Wear
- Jun 16, 2015 -

Wearing a different shirt gives the feeling of being different, what personality is what customized shirts. To bring under different colored shirts to people's feelings.

1, never-say-die-white shirt

White, called the overbearing color, because no matter what kind of suits, and none of what size you are, absolutely you can use white to match, have some overwhelming, shirt yellow due to men are particularly prone to sweating, so men should have more things, or for a long time will get itself into shabby dilemma.

2, safe and reliable--striped shirt

Striped shirts and safety, but in General, the spacing between the line and the line should not be too large and not too thick. This is because the spacing between stripes of fringe scales for less than 1cm is safe,

3, carefully dressed – Plaid Shirt

Like striped shirts, plaid area if a fine grid of tiny conservative, generally no problem, but if the lattice is very large, casual tastes strong, not suitable to work in a formal setting at this time, fail to convey serious momentum, and the usual holiday leisure time, seems like a good dress.

Plaid Shirt is plaid cover is in a fine grid of tiny conservative, suitable for formal occasions such as work, can convey a serious momentum, and vice versa, if the grid area is larger, will be full of strong leisure flavor, in daily life, this large Plaid Shirt can be worn.