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Push Plate Requirements Which Points Do You Have?
- Jun 16, 2015 -

1, the difference on various parts of the rational allocation of needed scale, specifications after the scaled model and styling of standard motherboard, similar or identical style.

2, when the scaled model. According to variation and distribution of various parts of the specifications. Only take the scaling on the vertical or horizontal direction. Take some for rather than on a diagonal scale of difference.

3, the allocation of a certain part of the difference in several parts, then a few poor scaling retaining and total block is equal to the area of difference.

4, two associated sites (such as poor grade difference at the shoulder and sleeve from the exploration of the crotch, Rong deep difference on study difference on the neckline and sleeves) over at zooming when in the opposite direction, the difference on large parts of the difference on the numerical scale. The difference on small parts of the scale values, the difference difference between the two parts, zooming and deflection of large areas in the same direction.

5, some guide or guide point such as waist height and width elbow line, in the crotch and other, also need to be based on the proportion of clothing goes, zooming, but some secondary parts of the scale within the total difference in value cannot be added to the parts.