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Sportswear Needs And Characteristics
- Jun 16, 2015 -

One, ideas and needs

The application an extremely broad field of man-made fibres, from General garments, industrial use to the use of high technology, omnipresence of its function and application, shine now in the textile market of high technology products in the world the Olympic Games and other international competitions will be respected. Typical of the movement is basically divided into three different, respectively, a high standard of professional adventurer and record breaking race, the other for the race sport enthusiast, such as sports clubs, school competitions, such as, basically, these players have different needs for functional, high comfort and emotional functions are indispensable. Top competitors, major functional requirements for low resistance, high strength, lightweight and the administration of property. Its requirements for pursuit of comfort and health features include warm sweat-absorbent, UV resistance and quick drying, waterproof and moisture permeability, deodorant, etc. Offer the wearer lighthearted feel, rather than fatigue, Burnout. From a perceptual point of view is far, weave, texture, gloss, color, transparency, an important factor for textile engineering.