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What Is Spandex Fabric?
- Jun 16, 2015 -

With Lycra spandex fabric is similar to spandex is Lycra, a fiber made of fabric, some would call it "increased fabric".

Have the same stretch as Lycra spandex fabric, highly flexible, which can be stretched up to 5 to 8 times times, spandex fabrics cannot produce weaving (same as the Lycra fabric need to be blended), is generally made from textile fabrics and other raw materials together, percentage of spandex in it only in 10%, not less than 3% spandex. If made into a bathing suit coat or tights must be up to 20% per cent to, elastic 400%, tension soon after before you shape. Industry more clearly in this piece commonly known as this type of fabric: elastic fabric. "Features are: tensile strength, tensile stress and wear resistance and resistance to aging.

This type of fabric is mainly used in: tights, overalls, shirt clothing related columns such as the good has a good adaptability to the body, there is no pressure. Due to the different production process or when the production of textiles, made of spandex fabric raw material, often the prices are different, depends on whether the garment has very strong elastic and wrap well.

Spandex in not miss more than 15 minutes of immersion or spray it with bleach, there is the relatively high temperature of washing in water otherwise there will be a costume color, bleaching, etc; pay particular attention to spandex clothes with other fabrics mixed with special attention!