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White Sport What Color Dress Shirt Look Good
- Jun 16, 2015 -

Love athletic girls, a white sport dress is a must-have garment, but the match was not very sensitive people, white sport what color dress shirt look good? Is a very difficult thing, the following small series to address you and girl troubles, most often given collocation method.

What colour dress coat of white movement: topped with a pink simple long sleeve t-shirt, preferably solid color, no pattern, will be very cute, very pure feeling, very suitable for the girl next door look.

What colour dress coat of white movement method two: purple edged with white is a very sophisticated atmosphere combining very sexy sport dress-purple with white shirt, looked very feminine, suitable for mature, the older woman.

What colour dress coat of white movement method three: white with tennis wear suits, this is another special occasion can be used, such as such as games volunteers, not recommended for everyday wear, and of course sport white dress with white blouse is a common mistake many people make, if the body is not very good, this match will be very difficult to see.