tonton sportswear  Classic Cycling Uniform For Lovers

tonton sportswear Classic Cycling Uniform For Lovers

Tontos classic Cycling uniform for lovers

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Tonton sportswear classic Cycling uniform for lovers

Cycling jersey is a special polyester fabric is not only high strength, flexibility, extensibility, wear resistance, durable, and has good ventilation and perspiration, sweat can be a large number of rapid discharge to keep the surface dry . High-grade riding clothes are also added to the polyester fiber is not visible to the naked eye of the silver ions, can effectively reduce bacterial growth, deodorant. The role of riding clothes, super-dampness, breathable, both fast-drying, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet many features, but also by rapid hot and humid excreted in vitro regulation of body temperature.

 And the pants are generally used in the elastic Lycra fabric close to the skin, reducing the friction between the legs and riding pants, can prevent the inner thigh wear. While having good perspiration and breathability. The most important thing is to ride the crotch has a special fast-drying breathable cotton pad, you can reduce and ease the pressure on the lower body, but also to avoid the deposition of leg sweat

By the way ,As long as customers have design documents, fabrics and other information, we can produce.

If you like our design please feel free contact us,We always be here service on you.

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